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3 min readJun 7, 2022


A few years back, NFT was just an emerging concept, and there was little attention to it. However, since 2021, the NFT space has seen a meteoric rise. According to a new report from NFT data company Nonfungible.com, sales of non-fungible tokens jumped to more than $17 billion in 2021.

As the NFT technology came to mainstream and entered our cultural discussion, we started seeing more creators, brands, and businesses looking to make their NFT debut. With this in mind, Elemint emerges to provide a high-standard platform that serves the needs of artists, designers, and brands — and their communities. Here's how it works.

1. Authenticity & Ownership

The most fascinating thing about NFTs is their uniqueness. This means that the asset can’t be shared with two or more owners because it is indivisible and inseparable and can only have one owner at a time. With Elemint, you don’t have to worry about the ownership of your assets. No matter where you are, the NFT minted in our Elemint platform, will belong to you.

The blockchain network in the NFT will handle the security of the asset to guard your ownership. This makes the ownership of the NFT tamper-proof, so your ownership and authenticity will remain safe. And that makes you the legitimate owner of the particular asset.

2. Royalties

This is where things get interesting. Our creators have worked extremely hard to produce high-quality NFTs, so it makes sense that they receive a royalty for the token or asset they have created. In addition, our platform also credits the creators with regular royalty every time the asset is resold.

One of the biggest changes we are bringing to our platform, is that creators can set the percentage of creator earnings up to 50%. This means you are guaranteed to profit every time your NFT sells on Elemint. This is a truly needed revenue model, one that values the creativity of the artist.

3. Trading Fees & Gas Fees

As the NFT space evolves, high gas fee quickly became a burden for independent creators and retail investors. As more and more NFT project are launched, energy and computational demand rise, so creators also have to raise the price of their collections to make their investment worthwhile. This, in turn hinders the ability of newcomers to enter the market.

We’re going to change that. We are building a competitive fee structure to help you purchase and trade NFTs seamlessly. This means we're exploring new cost-effective methods to mint projects, so creators and partners only have to pay minimal gas fee to list their NFTs on our platform, without any additional fees required. Finally, the transaction fee on our platform is 1 to 2 percent, depending on the transaction currency, making it ideal for newcomers to join in and explore.

4. A friendly user interface

In the early days of the NFT world, user experience was quite a problem, but as the scene kept on growing, developers started leaning towards making the interface more relatable to Web2 apps, and, thus, more accessible to newcomers. Elemint is no exception, as we have set the bar high to make the user experience as seamless as possible.

Evolve to Empower:

NFT has the tendency to evolve with upcoming trends in the market and our platform is designed and developed to support futuristic updates and technical advancements in the NFT space. Elemint is a spectacular NFT marketplace that offers affordable minting and seamless trading experience for NFTs.

Excited? You should be. Sign up today for early access and regular updates by visiting Elemint. We’ve got a lot more exciting news to come that you won’t want to miss.

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